She’s starting to look good!

[Hilde’s log] Fewer than 9 months to go, and we are making good progress. For those of us who like to finish things, it can be pretty frustrating to have everything out all over the place all the time. We are forever hunting this or that thing that has disappeared into the mess. Yesterday I […]

More scrubbing and some shine at last

[Hilde’s log] Let no one tell you that refurbing a boat is not glamorous work. I post this photo of me in varnish/paint thinner protection mask to prove my point. I’ve almost finished the port side of the salon, and have moved into the galley. Here is the galley before I tore into it: You […]

Cutting a Hole in the Cockpit Floor

[Hilde’s log]   I have to admit, cutting a hole in the cockpit makes me really nervous. But if you must, this is what David did: First, he measured it with painter’s tape, which is not horribly sticky on the back and easily removed. Then he made sure (yet again) that he wasn’t going to […]

Slow and steady wins the day (and drives me nuts)

 [Hilde’s log] This is our cockpit floor (looking forward toward the bow of the boat), with the new hatch rim laid out for size. It’s a substantial hatch, made of cast aluminum, and quite heavy. When installed (which involves cutting a hole in the cockpit floor), it will be flush with the floor. Using this […]

Catching up

Hi! Everyone: No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. Establishing ourselves in Corpus Christi (CC) has been frighteningly difficult and time consuming. When Raven was in Clear Lake we dodged Hurricane Dolly that crossed the coast south of CC. We took our small travel trailer home to Canyon Lake, about 100 miles […]